5916 Artist

Has garage on the side.
Pretty close to other houses.
Nice siding and brickwork.
Sloping backyards.
There is a house on the north side of this house (maybe 5918) with the foundation in now, but it isn't that close.

The big corner window area is the living room.
Sam's room above the garage.
Our bedroom is the big window upstairs.
Very small corner window is our bathroom.
The 3 little windows are the vaulted stair area.

Nice northwest house to the left.

Front door has leaded glass on each side panel and a traverse window.
House sits back probably 25 feet from the road.

The two little side windows are on either side of the fireplace.
I think the big upstairs window is the master tub area.
Low window is the rec room.
The big front window is the family room (with the fireplace).
The window closer to the front door is the formal dining room.

This guy is placing the driveway forms. It will run down the white line there.

This also shows the back of our driveway. The form is just being placed. It will be rounded at the back. It will be an aggregate driveway (pebbly, not just straight concrete or asphalt). Notice the big boulders around it.
There will also be a walkway to the front door that will be the same type of aggregate, which is much more decorative than concrete.

More of the boulders and backyard. New homes will come in on the other side up to where the black fencing is. The rest of the trees will stay just like they are. That dirt is also our property! It is a little round area that extends into the woods a little bit -- level -- perfect for a trampoline. The little white flag at the end of the dirt indicates where the city land starts.

Only a two car garage. It is not extended either for a workshop. There will be room to backup on the driveway so that we can drive straight out. I don't know how we would get three cars in the driveway unless we would have to move one to get the van out.

Sam's window facing south.

The view from the end of our driveway -- see Mount Baker.

Slab for the walkout Basement. The deck will go directly above it. Notice how nice and close those two trees are to the soon-to-be-there deck.

Homes will be put in on the other side of the black plastic. The trees all stay.

neighbor's house from our garage. Just three little windows.

Slate entryway from the garage. This is the mudroom. The washer and dryer go directly to the left. To the right (the open doorway is a bathroom; the closed door goes into the house). There is a big window facing the woods just above the washer/dryer. We don't remember if there was a laundry tub roughin.

All of the door handles are like this. I forgot to take a closeup of the kitchen hardwear.

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